Recruitment, selection and workforce placement

The three steps


Is a process involving finding and attracting the most suitable candidates, based on the active job offers, offers which meet our candidatesā€™ needs and, also, our partners.


Is a step of the recruitment process which involves choosing the suitable candidates, based on the eligibility conditions required for obtaining the desired job.

Workforce placement

Is also a step of the hiring process, in which, after obtaining the desired job, the employment file and the formalities are completed, the departure of the candidate is organized and he/she is to start the activity.

Whether you are a candidate or an employer, you will be part of an international community based on professionalism, trust and dedication. Our partners all over the world are both important corporations and growing companies.


1. Law No. 156 / 26 July 2000 (republished) – on the protection of Romanian citizens working abroad;
2. METHODOLOGICAL RULES for the application of Law no. 156/2000 regarding the protection of Romanian citizens working abroad.