About Us

We offer our partners the possibility to participate in public acquisitions procedures in association with our oversee partner, developing together a sustainable base for meeting the required minimum legal criteria for the procedure of participating in public acquisitions.

We are directly involved in preparation and handing in the documents required by the contracting authorities through the task book and data sheet, we reply directly by providing the required clarifications and explanations, we maintain contact with the contracting authorities in any necessary area.

To our clients we offer both support through our technical and professional  experience (Execution of water supply and sewerage, Execution of highways and roads, Rehabilitation of bridges and river beds), and financial support, credit lines and cash flow in favor of our partners, required for meeting the qualification criteria for participating in public auctions.

We offer our partners the entire support for preparing the eligibility documentation, replying to requests from the authorities regarding further explanations.

AmRo Solutions SRL is a company with our headquarters in Romania, specialized in selection, recruitment and workforce placement overseas. We offer quality services and the best solutions delivered to you, keeping in mind our high standards, in due time and in optimal conditions.

We collaborate only with trusted, serious and professional partners for integrating the best solutions.

Our team of professionals are at your disposal and are offering you free consultancy in choosing the best job offer for you, consultancy for writing a professional CV, language practice and training for interviews, after interview assistance, consultancy for preparing the necessary employment file, organization of the candidate’s departure, and also post-departure support.

Additionally, our company does not accept commission, our services being free of charge.

The challenges to cope with the ever-growing demands of the workforce market encouraged  us to start this company. For us, the human resource is the most important for developing any area of activity, and also a career that implies professional and, at the same time, personal, continuous growth. The overall success of this “building” depends on the careful guidance, based on needs, in the right place and at the right moment, which our team of professionals can offer continuously, for reaching the desired outcome.

Our purpose is offering quality services, efficient and effective, which meet our candidates’ needs and also our partners. We offer free consultancy in choosing the best job offer for you, consultancy for writing a professional CV, language practice and training for interviews, after interview assistance, consultancy for preparing the necessary employment file, organization of the candidate’s departure, and also post-departure support.

The values we promote are seriousness, promptitude, honesty, efficiency and effectiveness, values which benefit our clients at all times.

Our Team:

Joseph Deaconn

Partner and International Marketing Director

email: joseph.deaconn@amrosolutions.co

Mr Joseph Deaconn has developed many projects over the years and this is one of the most important. He has proposed sustainable development by preparing the project in international standards.
“Every employee is an asset in a company and we, employers, have the responsibility to attract and retain the best, provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission."

Alexandra Micu

Partner and Teritorial Director

email: alexandra.micu@amrosolutions.co

At 26 years old, Alexandra became Human Resources Director for an Italian company, Rovere Mobili, located in Bucharest.
Alexandra decided to start her own business by creating Talent Center 4 years into her previous job.
Talent Center is a place where we strive to exceed the client’s expectations and achieve our placement goals.
Alexandra loves to great food and wine. She gets to experience this when she travels around the world. She is hoping to visit South Africa Bali one day!

Georgiana Carstea

Georgiana Carstea

Manager Director

email: georgiana.carstea@amrosolutions.co

The key of the Company that has brought enormous value. Georgiana can be seen as an employee who has broken the barriers to innovation by thinking out of the box.
“In organizations, once you clearly see how success will be measured, everybody tries to game the system so that they are measured in the best possible way."

Evelina Cocoana

The Psychologist Recruiter

email: evelina.cocoana@amrosolutions.co

Evelina has over 3 years experience in Human Resources, in various business sectors.
Experienced in: recruitment and selection, personnel assessment, 360-degree-feedback, career coaching as well as implementing different workshops designed to improve organizational climate.
In her daily work at Talent Center, she tries to bring smiles on the faces of the candidates and successfully matching their profiles to the jobs that perfectly suit them.
Evelina loves to read psychological books and novels. She is currently planning her dream trip which to visit Asia!

Andreea Glavan

The Explorer Recruiter

email: andreea.glavan@amrosolutions.co

Andreea Glavan is passionate about recruiting. She became aware of this gift two years ago.
Her greatest satisfaction is when applicants are successfully placed in organizations that matches their values and career aspirations. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done. She has a rich experience in recruitment and various fields.
She is an avid explorer. She knows all the hidden gems in Romania the country she loves dearly!
She also loves to cook and has a very soft spot for dogs.

Andreea Iacob

The Enthusiast Recruiter

email: andreea.iacob@amrosolutions.co

“Each person is unique and unrepeatable and every day I meet new people, which is a challenge."
Which have confidence and share with me a bit about their lives and personality.
At the end of our meeting I want them to feel satisfied and happy, knowing they have a clear idea and goal of what they really want to achieve in life.
I love honest people, I love to read and also I love a good Starbucks coffee.

Larisa Voicu

The HR Gamer

email: larisa.voicu@amrosolutions.co

Larisa has always had the desire to assist people whenever the need arise. She found a way to exhibit these qualities by seeking a career in Human Resources.
At the Talent Center, Larisa works on recruiting projects and Human Resources. She loves the pace and the challenges that her new career presents each and everyday.
Larisa loves video games. She was a game tester lead for a reputable company in Bucharest. When she is not playing video games she spends time going out with her friends.

Milena Barroso

Legal Advisor


Since arriving at AMRO Solutions, Milena has resolved all legal cases and has given us support for anything related to the law. If there’s anyone else to challenge our actions, Milena will be there.

Certifications and accreditations