Public Auctions

Public Auctions

The sector of public auctions in Romania represents a dynamic market which attracts more and more companies from different areas of activity because of the required qualities such as competitiveness and adaptability. We are a team of professionals offering consultancy services and technical assistance to active companies on the public auctions market in Romania, by our direct involvement in executions of the projects, in association with other partners and by offering support for meeting the required minimum criteria for the procedure of participating in public acquisitions.

We offer our partners the possibility to participate in public acquisitions procedures in association with our company, developing together a sustainable base for meeting the required minimum legal criteria for the procedure of participating in public acquisitions.

We are directly involved in preparation and handing in the documents required by the contracting authorities through the task book and data sheet, we reply directly by providing the required clarifications and explanations, we maintain contact with the contracting authorities in any necessary area.

To our clients we offer both support through our similar experience (Execution of water supply and sewerage, Execution of highways and roads, Rehabilitation of bridges and river beds), economic and financial support and obtaining credit lines – cash flow in favor of our partners, required for meeting the qualification criteria for participating in public auctions.

We offer our partners the entire support for preparing the eligibility documentation, replying to requests from the authorities regarding further explanations